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Auto Insurance

Required by law in most states, auto insurance provides protection to both vehicle owners and individuals who are injured or experience property damage at the hands of drivers.

Auto Insurance coverage from Aimonetti Insurance has two parts. The first covers the car itself. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse losses due to dangers such as theft or vandalism. Collision coverage will pay to repair the car in the event of an accident. Such coverage is typically mandated by the bank or the company leasing the vehicle. The second part is liability coverage. In the case that you injure someone in an accident, it covers your financial responsibility.

We offer a number of ways to reduce the cost of your auto insurance premiums while still providing the best coverage for your vehicle:


Driver Discounts
  • Loss Free Discounts
  • Driver Training
  • College Student
  • Age 55 & Over
  • Accident Prevention Course
Other Discounts
  • Advanced Quote
  • Paperless Delivery
  • Checking account auto payments
  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Multi-Policy
  • In-Vehicle Monitoring Devices
  • Education Discounts
  • Continuous Insurance


Aimonetti Insurance offers a number of endorsements to add to and improve your coverage:

  • Rental Car Coverage
  • New Auto Replacement
  • Diminishing Deductibles
  • Rate Lock
  • Death Benefit Coverage
  • Lease Loan Coverage

Are you paying too much for Auto Insurance? Contact us for a free, comparative quote from a range of carriers, and see how much money we can save you!